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Cold Front Distribution

Delivering Frozen Goodness Since 2000

Cold Front Has Customers Just Like You.

Cold Front is a successful DSD supplier offering diversified grocery and foodservice supply chain options for the convenience, drug, mass/club, military commissaries and exchanges, retail grocery and foodservice channels of trade in a fifteen-state regional geography.

Quality and precision drive our sales and service teams as we leverage every effort to optimize purchase, flow, sale, and service of the most recognized national and regional brands of Ice Cream, Frozen Pizza, and Frozen Prepared Foods in the industry.

Cold Front Distribution Service Areas

Cold Front’s Service Areas

Our Exclusive Brands
Set Us Apart

Our Exclusive Brands
Set Us Apart

Some of our popular Brands
* Breyers
* Good Humor
* Red Baron
* Tombstone
* Banquet
* Stouffer’s
* Dreyer’s
* Nestle
* Klondike

Our DSD Solutions Enhance Operations

Our DSD Solutions Enhance Operations

DSD Services include
* Control Management
* Merchandise
* Shelves/manage schematics
* Build and maintain displays
* Organize backroom inventory
* Position promotional signage
* Identify and communicate store opportunities
* Rotate merchandise
* Promotional Execution

Turn-key Convenience Store Programs

Available Equipment & more
* 3 Basket Bunkers
* 4 Basket Bunkers
* 5 Basket Bunkers
* 7 Basket Bunkers

Emil's Pizza

Now Serving Emil’s In Wisconsin 

 Emill’s produces one of the most sought after, high quality pizzas your customers demands.

Emil’s offers 20 delicious varieties available in Thin Crust and Hi-Rise.
The flavors we have available in our thin crust and Hi-Rise pizzas.

Products Your Customers Want


At Cold Front, we are committed to our customers’ success. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, or multi-store franchise, our mission is to make business easy, smart, and profitable for our customers.

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Please note not all products are available in all locations. Please contact us for all available items in your area.